What IS the Unruly Retreat, Anyway? How’s it different?


Many writing retreats:

  • A set time for the whole group

  • Group activities (formal or informal)

  • Not child-friendly

  • Expensive, even if they’re technically free (too much time away from work is expensive and often impossible, especially for women, who have the wage gap to contend with, and a society that looks down on mothers doing anything with their time that isn’t mothering)

The Unruly Retreat

  • Chosen attendees will get to coordinate a time that works best for them, and they can split up the six days into multiple stays if they wish

  • No group activities (you can be totally uninterrupted!)

  • Child friendly

  • Free, short and flexible, mother-positive

While many mothers can tap into their creativity with children underfoot, others find it akin to tearing their eyeballs out. The Unruly Retreat, therefore, is a free retreat meant to be as flexible as a mother or caregiver might need, with zero shame about doing something just for them that isn’t mothering. You can bring your kids, or not. We’re flexible that way, too. More than anything, the Unruly Retreat is meant to let you be unruly — push back against the norms that refuse to allow women to fully revel in their creativity.