Sunny Side Up Farm & Unruly Retreat

(And Us! The DeRoche Family)


The farm wasn’t a dream that happened overnight. For years, we dreamed and schemed about a farm/b&b. The writing retreat aspect, however, came together as an idea after I (Hayley) became a writer and found that many writing retreats were either too expensive, or required too much of my time. As a mom with a full-time job in addition to being an author, taking several weeks to attend a fancy retreat was (and still is!) out of the question. For a while, I would take periodical trips to Airbnbs in order to work without the needs of children interrupting my flow, but this, too, was impractical from a financial standpoint. (Selling a book, then using all the funds to book time away to edit and finish the book = ………not the most practical!)

Once we purchased Sunny Side Up Farm with its cottage on the property behind the main home, we decided that in addition to hosting visitors on our farm in the traditional “rent it out!” way, more could be done to make accessible, short, affordable retreats available to female-identifying moms and caregivers for time away to write and create.

Our passion lies in using what we have to benefit the greater good. We have a farmstay, and while we can run away to the cottage to write novels or music kid-free whenever we need to, why stop there? Why not give that same ability to more than just us?

We hope Sunny Side Up Farm can help you with your project in a meaningful way, whether it’s working on your novel, chapbook, or just getting some time away to fully access your creativity away from the needs and responsibilities that come along with having children. As women are so often the people who bear the biggest burdens and challenges when it comes to childcare, those are the caregivers we serve. Finding your flow is hard. Finding it with kids is much harder for so many. We hope this helps!

(Oh yeah! And Hayley’s debut novel, HELLO LOVELIES!, will be out in June 2019 as an Audible Original. Toot toot!)