Peace and Quiet

We do have children who like to play on the farm, but during the workweek we’re pretty much not home with them, so your level of peace and quiet should be at least better than your normal at-home-with-kids situation (we hope!). That said, it’s quiet in the cottage, but we ARE close to a road, so you will hear traffic from time to time.


Starry Skies

On a clear night, the stars are magic.

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Creative Space

We have a desk and chair in a small office, a screened-in back porch, un-screened front porch, kitchen table, couch, picnic blanket, loft, bedroom, and living room to meet your creative needs. Our WiFi is fine, though we always recommend working with backup saving just in case, since this IS a rural area.



We are 2 minutes away from the High Bridge Trail State Park, so we encourage you to bring your bike if you’d like to get some exercise away from the farm. You do not need a car to get from the farm to the trail.


We are 10 minutes away from historic downtown Farmville, which is host to two college, so there’s a wee Barnes & Noble, coffeeshop, farmer’s market and general shopping there, should you need a creative breather.

Free Farm-Fresh Eggs

Please be prepared to cook your own meals in the kitchen, which has basic pots, pans, utensils, and (yes!) plates. Even cups! We have a coffeemaker (NOT a Keurig), beans, etc. We have a dozen chickens, so you will have plenty of farm-fresh eggs. In town 10 minutes away you’ll find grocery stores and more should you need supplies.

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