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  • 1 week (7 days): $100 (current amount of financial aid possible: $168)

  • 2 weeks (14 days): $200 (current amount of financial aid possible: $168)

  • 3 weeks (21 days): $300 (current amount of financial aid possible: $168)

  • You can apply for a full or partial extended stay scholarship IN ADDITION to applying for the 6 free days provided through the main application (the top one on the site); but you don’t have to! If you just want to apply for this, that’s cool too!

  • Please note that weeks are coordinated based on the scheduling needs of the farm, and may not necessarily be used during peak AirBnB times (such as but not limited to, Labor Day Weekends, Graduation weekends of local universities, etc).

  • Want to stay even longer at a discounted rate? Put in an application and let us know!


What’s it like staying for a longer spell? Jen Brown gives a peek into a typical day below:

A gentle light weaves its way into the cottage as I start a pot of coffee and pause to hear the distant tune of songbirds and bleating goats out the window. Eli and Norah munch their cereal, swinging their legs from the oak bench behind the table and chatting about the day ahead. Shortly after that, it’s on with the shoes and backpacks before throwing open the front door and marching across the lawn with their dad on the way to daycare. For once, I am alone with time to create and think and be.

A year ago my partner and I moved to New York in order to get some perspective, experience new cultures, and rethink how we were living our lives. As our lease drew to a close, we started considering our next move. A few opportunities came to light, but when I came across the Unruly Retreat, I knew I had found something special. After applying and being accepted to the program, we put our belongings into storage and came to Virginia with our two kids for a summer long residency.

Coffee in hand, I settle into my desk to check emails before beginning my research for the day. After reading, taking notes, and sketching some photography concepts for a few hours, my brain starts to get a little full so I take that time to digest my thoughts and enjoy the farm. “Hi goats!” I shout to the three goats across the yard before easing into the hammock. After a little while, I might head out to shoot some images, or go back inside to keep researching, but this moment is pure heaven for me.

New York is amazing, but it’s loud and the landscape isn’t as varied as one might think. As someone who feels particularly at home amidst the smell of sweet grass and an expansive sky, this little patch of land is healing and restorative to my heart. It’s like I can hear my inner voice for the first time in a year. On the days I don’t want to sit in seclusion with my thoughts, I make the short trek to Uptown Coffee in Farmville, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. I get to decide.

After a few hours of photographing around the area, I go back to the cottage and whip up dinner for my family who walks back in the door at six thirty. We eat together in the kitchen with the kid friendly plate and utensils already in the cottage. Then we play with the toys upstairs, explore the farm, or let’s be honest, watch a movie and snuggle before it’s time for the kids to go to sleep.

As the sun lays long shadows on the grass, my partner and I sit on the back deck and look across the field ahead. Sometimes a bunny hops by, other times the rain pours down so thick it nearly obscures the far line of trees. When my son was born four years ago, my life had to pause as I moved through nursing, pregnancy, the birth of a second child, and more nursing. New York helped me find myself again, but the Unruly Retreat is helping me claim my space in the world once more. After four years the fog is lifting, I’ve got fresh inspiration, creative direction, and I’m even starting to entertain the idea of a Master’s Degree, something I never thought would be a worthwhile endeavor a mom and artist. Maybe it’s something in the well water, but this place is pure magic to me.

—Jen, Unruly Class of 2019